Filipino Youth Stand in Solidarity with Palestine!

Palestinian Youth Movement and Anakbayan Toronto members together at a protest action against the Anti-Terror Law (July 2020).

Anakbayan Toronto stands in firm solidarity with the Palestinian community as we resist imperialism and Zionist settler colonialism. May 15 is Nakba Day, the commemoration of the violent and continued displacement of Palestinians by the U.S-backed Israeli state.

Since 1948, when the Nakba (Catastrophe) occurred, Palestinians have faced the horrific reality of Zionist settler colonialism, military occupation, apartheid and ethnic cleansing by the oppression of Israeli forces and Zionist settlers. In the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, Israeli settlers are carrying out violent, mass evictions of Palestinians. Such injustices have been ongoing for 73 years, as Israeli settlers have destroyed 600 villages across Palestine to this date.

As the Israeli government uses state force to oppress Palestinians, so does the US-Duterte regime oppress the Filipino people. Troops from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) train their Filipino counterparts in “anti terror tactics” that are ultimately used against our own people – see the counterproductive NTF-ELCAC that consumes public funds and justifies killing activists critical of the Philippine government. These oppressive actions from the Israeli and Philippine state are backed by the US government.

Canada actively invests in Israeli state violence against the Palestinian people and their land by supplying the IDF with military weapons and combat aircrafts, such as the F-35 Lightning II Fighters. In the same manner, Canada and the US sell military helicopters to the US-Duterte regime and their violent running-dogs in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who in turn use these high grade weapons to attack and displace Indigenous communities.

Anakbayan Toronto calls on all Filipino youth to condemn the displacement of Palestinian people in Sheikh Jarrah and commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the ongoing Nakba resistance. Join our contingent at Palestinian Youth Movement’s protest action on May 15, Saturday at Nathan Phillips Square at 7pm. We call to end U.S funding to Israel, hands off Sheikh Jarrah, and to return all ancestral land to Palestinians!



#FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah #DefendJerusalem #InternationalSolidarity #ImperyalismoIbagsak #EndUSImperialism

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