Solidarity Statement from Youth to the Janitors on strike


Szara Salise, Secretary General

From the Filipino youth group, Anakbayan-Toronto: We stand in solidarity and rage with the contractual cleaning staff of Dream Office REIT’s buildings along Bay Street!

We, the youth and the students, stand with workers in their fight for fair living wages and job security! We denounce the continued exploitation of workers! We denounce the employer’s unwillingness to bargain in good faith! We denounce the low wages and the contractual nature of workers’ jobs at Dream Office REIT’s buildings!

The big bosses thought they would be able to contain the collective energy of workers by increasingly relying on subcontracting employment, and thus, maintaining the precarity of workers’ jobs. But the workers are rising and we stand with them to fight these injustices! Cleaning is a necessary job. It is time that the workers receive the respect they deserve!

In the last few years we have watched the worsening conditions of workers, especially for workers of colour, under a neo-liberal agenda here in Canada and worldwide. As a national democratic organization, we call on workers to unite and oppose anti-worker policies that negatively affects their everyday working conditions.

We stand in solidarity with the workers until they are reinstated, when their right to unionize is recognized, and when they decide they are happy with a contract that can allow them to support themselves and their families! We, the youth of Anakbayan-Toronto, will stand by your side in your struggles because we are stronger together!

Makibaka! Huwag Matakot! (Dare to Struggle! Dare to Win!) ###

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