Operation Lifeboat

*24 hrs of reflection* A Fundraiser. A Demonstration. An Artistic Statement. An Act of Global Solidarity.

September 21, 8pm – September 22, 8pm

Cahoots Theatre Company Studio
388 Queen Street East, Unit 3
Toronto, Ontario M5A 1T3

Join us in person or join us online: http://www.sulongtheatre.com/watch-the-live-stream.html

* * *

There will be over 24 performers sharing their talents with us! Check out the full list here: http://www.sulongtheatre.com/artists.html

* * *

In response to the recurring flooding in the Philippines, the Filipino artistic community wanted to raise money and awareness that there was nothing ‘natural’ about these disasters. But they knew they would have to go to drastic measures to get the point across.

OPERATION LIFEBOAT: On 8pm Sept 21st, Artistic Director of Sulong Theatre Company in partnership with Anakbayan-Toronto, Catherine Hernandez will be lying in a lifeboat filled to her chin in dirty water for a total of 24 hours. She will have no access to food and her only luxury will be to have access to clean water to drink at timed intervals and health professionals at the ready for her own health and safety. Through twitter, youtube and facebook feeds throughout the world, she will be watched as she observes a day-long demonstration/performance art installation to raise awareness and funds for the recurring flooding in the Philippines.

* * *

Our paypal button is up and running! Press it like you mean it and give big: http://www.sulongtheatre.com/how-to-donate.html

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