[Kamalayan] Brown is Beautiful, Part 2

The Kamalayan Filipino Konsciousness Series presents

Friday, November 25, 2011
The Central, 603 Markham St., Toronto
(near Bloor & Bathurst)

* Food and beverages can be purchased from the bar *

At Kamalayan’s first Brown is Beautiful! Series Part 1 event, we briefly learned about the history of colonialism in order to understand how it continues to affect our personal lives as Filipino/Filipina-Canadians. We talked about issues of racialization and standards of beauty and how these issues are tied to larger systems of power that work together to influence the way we see ourselves, each other, and how non-Filipinos see us.

For Part 2 of the Series, let’s talk stereotypes! Are we “more hard working” because we are Asian? When people say, “Too Asian”, who are they talking about? Are Filipino women better at “caregiving”? Who is more exotic: Filipino women or “Mestiza” (Half Filipino/Mixed race) women? Are Filipino men really that “soft”? More importantly, why do these questions even exist?

Part of the work to reclaim that brown is beautiful is to be able to confront socially constructed notions of who Filipino and Filipina-Canadians are by interrogating and unpacking problematic stereotypes about us. In doing so, as Filipino-Canadians WE get to say what it means to be brown and Filipino/Filipina-Canadian and what this looks like in our lives.

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